Wedding Planning Is Stressful....

You're probably in the middle of it right now, so I'll make this quick and to the point! Hopefully I can answer the basic questions here and now.

"You look young. What's your experience like?"
Well thank you! I have 6 years of wedding and event photography experience, and at the age of 25 have photographed over 200 weddings and a plethora of other events, singlehandedly. I've photographed weddings of all shapes and sizes, from people of all ethnicities and backgrounds. If you can think of a style of wedding, there's a good chance I've shot it.

"What's your style?"
Assuming you mean photography style and not my fashion sense, I love the bright, "poppy" look with heavily blurred backgrounds to give a dream-like effect. I'm all about fun photos and hope to make your wedding remembered as a day of fun rather than stress. Nobody wants that, but sometimes wedding photographers can be cranky and demanding, making everybody uncomfortable and not want to be there. I'm the relaxed type and make it my mission to be sure you guys are too. I also love candids, so you'll get a LOT of guests laughing and doing goofy stuff that they don't realize I'm catching. Oh yes, they'll be Facebook worthy for years to come.

"What equipment do you have?"
All pro Canon gear. Top of the line and nothing less. You're photos will be of extremely high resolution and quality. I have 2 camera bodies (one as a backup, just in case), as well as 8 lenses, 2 flashes and a softbox/studio flash for those times where it's absolutely necessary. 

"What is the process like?"
Here's where the "no stress" approach especially comes in. We talk about your wedding. I come to the wedding at a flat rate - no hidden or additional fees for anything, unless you want photobooks or prints done by me. Otherwise, you're free to print everything yourself and use the photos however you wish. We share rights on the photos, however I will only use them as example pieces, at most. I shoot your wedding. You get the photos in about 2-4 weeks, depending on the time of season. Certain months are significantly bussier, so it takes me longer to catch up. I go through and touch up ever photo and put them on a 4gb usb drive (one that looks like a camera!) You can expect around 500-700 photos for an 8 hour wedding. I ship it straight to your home from there!
A RECENT ADDITION: I now have the capability to share the full wedding/event on this exact website under "View your event". From here, I will give you a unique password so that your event is seen only by you and your guests. Anyone can download any photos from here as well, no additional charge! It will stay on the site for at least one month after uploading. Guests will appreciate me!

I do ask that if you or any guests share photos online, please link back to this website. 

"Do you shoot gay/lesbian weddings/events?"
I can't believe how many times I get asked this....of course! 

"Will you travel outside of Chicago/suburbs?"
Absolutely, however the fee will be just a bit higher depending on distance, but trust me, I'm not out to rob you! 

I guess this wasn't so short, huh? Please do let me know if you have any questions whatsoever. You can contact me via the "contact me" tab, and check out prices via the "prices" tab. Best of luck in your planning!

- Steve