All prices are flat rate and include all expenses, travel times, the (MANY) necessary hours spent editing/organizing, the 4gb usb drive, shipping costs and website real estate to showcase the full day to all guests. The only time you can expect to add the the below fees would be excessive travel distance (contact me if outside Chicagoland area), purchase of photobooks or prints.

Wedding/Event Prices: 
You'll find my prices very reasonable given my experience and overall quality of photos. Don't spend more on a big-box photo place that offers less and gives you someone you've never met! It's a once in a lifetime sure the person capturing it cares!

4 hours: $550
8 Hours: $1,000 (most popular)
10 Hours: $1,200
12 Hours: $1,300

Family/Model/Pregnancy/Engagement/Other Single Sessions:

1-2 Hours:

Headshot: $150

Any other events you're unsure of? Ask!